Six of Pentacles: Seeing the Present Through Humble Green Eyes

XI. The Six of Pentacles

We don’t know the details about the inner workings of our royal family of Pentacles, but according to the Page of Pentacles himself, the idea that sowed the seed that won the war came to him while wandering the bountiful fields of Pentacles Country. While looking at one of the scarecrows hanging immobilized at the edge of a patch of strawberries and pumpkins, he contemplated the tales of the mystic and her supposed Scarecrow Agriculture that had been so lauded prior to the twin disasters that ravaged our enemies in the Kingdom of Swords. It was just a thought but it was the spark that found him investigating the accounts behind the mystic and Scarecrow Agriculture. When she crossed the border into our kingdom, emissaries sent by the Page of Pentacles were awaiting her.

It’s also confirmed by representatives of House Pentacles that the Page of Pentacles held counsel with his mother and father, the Queen and King of Pentacles. He explained to them his careful research into Scarecrow Agriculture and the unusual woman who seemed to manifest from nowhere. He also reminded them of the bitter failure of Scarecrow Agriculture in the face of the natural disasters that befell the Kingdom of Swords. The Page of Pentacles then put forth an idea that wasn’t simply bold. Many would have openly laughed in the face of such an idea. Yet, the sage Queen and King of Pentacles were well versed in the potentially lucrative outcome of risks so they gave the Page of Pentacles their blessing, knowing that regardless of failure or success, he’d learn the lesson he was meant to learn.  

Immediately upon crossing the threshold into the Kingdom of Pentacles, the mystic and her assistant were ushered away by the emissaries of the Page of Pentacles where they were fed, bathed, and briefed on their meeting. They were escorted to the lavish mausoleum of our dear fallen Knight of Pentacles. The decadent mausoleum provided the amount of secrecy the Page required to explain his proposal to the mystic.

From the jade steps of the Knight’s memorial, the Page of Pentacles asked the mystic if she could create a “super scarecrow” of sorts; one much more intelligent than the amiable yet oafish creations that lumbered through the fields during the brief season of Scarecrow Agriculture. Once the mystic confirmed that such a feat was absolutely in her reach, the Page of Pentacles produced a generous advance and further details. The “super scarecrow” would serve as the new Knight of Pentacles, nearly invincible to the blades of the army of House Swords. If he did fall, the mystic could apply her resurrection techniques as she had with her other scarecrows so that the new Knight of Pentacles would always be reborn with the same knowledge. The mystic showed no misgivings in fashioning the new leader of the army that opposed her previous employer. She gladly accepted the generous offer from the Page of Pentacles and immediately began work with her trusted assistant at her side.


The Six of Pentacles introduces us to the mystics working relationship with House Pentacles, an experience that will prove to be much more lucrative and fulfilling than her dealings with House Swords. That’s not to say the mystic is free from challenges but the Six of Pentacles is, in general, a much happier point of her journey than the points she explored in the previous two cards. While the Six of Pentacles finds the mystic regaining her footing, it also presents a slightly different road to her that leaves her re-evaluating her haunting history with the failure of Scarecrow Agriculture.

The Honorable Generosity of the Mystic’s New Benefactor

The Page of Pentacles is a central figure in the Six of Pentacles in that he becomes the mystic’s benefactor, believing in her when all others have lost faith, possibly even the mystic herself for a brief period. He is seen presenting a generous advance, split evenly between the mystic and her assistant in a gesture that recognizes both in fairness. While the illustration may imply this is an assumption of the Page’s, the even division of funds is actually authorized by the mystic, her penchant for fairness already exhibited in the Three of Pentacles. A theme of charity and fairness is deeply woven into the Six of Pentacles.

The Evolution of an Idea

The Page of Pentacles is also pointing out the new road for the mystic, asking her to explore her gift for creating scarecrows in ways that move beyond her limited vision of Scarecrow Agriculture. The Page of Pentacles acknowledges Scarecrow Agriculture for its brilliance but challenges the mystic to take it even further. In these moments, the mystic realizes the shortsightedness of Scarecrow Agriculture, underscoring a common theme in the Six of Pentacles of dissatisfaction with past or present endeavors. Here, it’s no longer a bitter loathing for the idea that crushed her reputation, but rather an understanding that the idea was great but had not been given room to evolve.

Comparisons of the Six of Pentacles and Three of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles finds the mystic in a similar situation as the Three of Pentacles but key points have changed. The Page of Pentacles has set up a clandestine meeting in a mausoleum (yes, a lavish and esteemed mausoleum but a mausoleum nonetheless). In the Three of Pentacles, she was meeting the royal family of Swords on the grounds of the Palace of Swords. Gone is the overly confident woman looking directly into the face of the King and Queen of Swords in the Six of Pentacles. Rather, we have a humbled mystic who is not yet fit to meet with the King and Queen of Pentacles. Instead, contracts are carried out by the Page of Pentacles. Likewise, where the mystic met the royal family of Swords head on, her she is positioned lower than the Page. This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, rather this is simply the mystic’s current placement in the cycle where a sense of humbleness finds her watching her steps and enterprises more closely. Perhaps this is precisely what she needs to make her future endeavors with magic pay off.

In the end, the Six of Pentacles is a somewhat joyous opportunity for the mystic, though it finds her kneeling where she once stood in command. Instead of the indifferent support of prestigious powers like the King and Queen of Swords, she now has the patronage of the Page of Pentacles who, despite his studiousness, is too young to be seen as a real power. Yet, from this unexpected avenue, she’s been shown her own creations with a whole new sense of potential. On the ashes of Scarecrow Agriculture, in the tomb of the Knight of Pentacles, she begins her journey to create a super scarecrow who will stand as the new Knight of Pentacles.